“Such an amazing experience so far, learning what I can achieve for a natural & comfortable birth.  Monique is such a beautiful, calming person to help me achieve my birthing goals – highly recommended” — Aleisha 2015


“Even though our plan to have an intervention and drug free birth was met with challenges, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Our circumstances were such, that I chose a path that helped me preserve my strength during the final 14 hours of my labour. And by making those choices, I ended up having a relaxed and enjoyable birthing experience. It didn’t affect the way Poppy and I bonded, she breast fed with no issues and amazed nurses with her significant weight gain over the coming weeks. At two weeks old she cracked her first smile, and now at ten weeks of age, we can’t wipe the smile off her face! She is such a happy baby, and more importantly she is calm and relaxed. I truly believe that staying relaxed through pregnancy and child birth has had an influence on Poppy. She settles easily and sleeps well between feeds.

We owe a big thank you to our HypnoBirthing instructor Monique Gannon for everything she taught us. Our journey to parenthood was made that much more enjoyable through her teachings and reassurance. We felt informed and empowered every step of the way and are left with the most wonderful memories of Poppy’s birth. The relaxation techniques also helphed us in the first few weeks as we navigated parenthood. And who knows, maybe next time we will be able to experience child birth with less intervention. But for now, we are enjoying every single day with our little munchkin!”  — Selga, 2016


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